Hello, my name is Nati.
I create experiences.

My complete name is: Natividad Lara-Diaz Stampe, but we'll keep it short with Nati.
I'm 28 years old. From Mexico but live in Denmark. Wife of Asger and Jasper's mom.
I hold a B.A. in Digital Art from the Tecnológico de Monterrey in Mexico and a
MSc. in Software Development from IT University of Copenhagen.

"I stand on the sweet spot where design and code intersects"

I'm passionate about:

App development

Responsive web development

Interaction design

Game design

About my work...


This is my full-time job and where I spend the most of my thoughts and time.

Practio is a medical startup full of talented people who create digital health solutions and offer an easy access to medical services of everyday life. Our goal is to create a more efficient healthcare system.

I'm extremely happy with my job which has been the development of the iOS app for women who take birth control pills. You can find it in the AppStore here

What about my spare time?


Nómada is a mexican startup which I have been building with one my best friends who also happen to be one of the best designers I have met.

We have created webs for Axtel, Cinépolis, Pollo Feliz, etc.

My job has been to build many websites with responsive and pretty designs.


Trappic is a danish startup that I have been building with my handsome manager and husband and two friends and very skilled developers. Some of the projects we have been part are:

  • Babysitter: an app for finding local babysitters. It has more than 2000 users and my job was the design. We are currently re-designing it and developing a new and improved version.
  • Dogwalker: an app for finding local persons to walk your dog. It has more than 1500 users and my job was the design.
  • Zenfit: a system created for personal trainers that allow them to create workouts and keep track of their clients. My job was the development of the front-end of the first iOS app for clients.
  • Pop the block: a funny, simple and entertaining game that I developed in Unity. It is available in the App Store and in the Play Store

If you are more interested, you can check more here

Check some of my latest works:

App development

Web development

Web development

Web development

Web development

Web development

App development

App development

Game development

Web development

I live in wonderful Copenhagen

Interested in working together? Contact me!